Review: The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal


Book Information:

The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal
Kensington Publishing
Published in 2007
ISBN 0758220316
343 Pages

Series Information:

Not a series.


5 out of 5

After being stuck in an arranged marriage to a “momma’s boy” for a year, Megha overhears her husband and his mother discuss their plans to murder her. With no choice left but to run away from their evil plans, she goes to Kiran, her cousin-in-law, for help and protection. However, when their relationship grows into something more than friendship, what will happen? Will their feelings bring forth their doom?

For this being her first novel, the author writes in detail about arrange marriages, customs, and how they are seen in India by writing about something that is a no-no topic in India – dowry bridal burnings. I’ve never read a book about arranged marriages and customs of India, so I found it very interesting to learn some new information about the country. :)

For the first part of the book, it was kind of boring and you’re wondering why the author would put that first, plus it will become redundant since she mentions it later on in more detail. Other than that, the book is pretty interesting and not that boring, however, it is kind of slow paced with a lot of descriptions in between.

The book was pretty much slow paced half of time and left me wondering if or when Megha and Kiran were going to do something smutty and gushy, but around page 200 they finally start getting more gushy than smutty. Most books I know would have gone for smutty and explain the sexual scenes the characters have in detail, but The Dowry Bride puts more detail in the romantic parts of it like touching each other’s hair and snuggling with your lover afterwards. It was a nice change from the smuttier books that I’ve read. I went, “Awwww,” so many times when the author described the romantic parts of love — walking under the moonlight, talking by river at sunset, etc. So those of you expecting more smut than romance, you will be disappointed, though, the romantic parts are still nice. ;)

Throughout the book there are a lot of climaxes, suspenseful areas, and a lot of character building, so you won’t be that bored — you’ll be so into the book that you’ll forget what time it is. In about 10 hours, I was already on page 270. :) As for the ending, it was kind of okay — the relationship part for Megha and Kiran leaves you wondering if they really do get married, however, the point of this book, I think, is to show women’s independence and how women, like men, can grow whenever something terrible happens and still lead a successful life.  It is a good book to encourage women to take a stand in things they know isn’t right for them or others, but as far as romance (and smut) goes, it isn’t that good of a book. :(

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

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