Review: Stargazer by Claudia Gray


Book Information:

Stargazer by Claudia Gray
Harper Teen
Published in 2009
ISBN 9780061284403
329 Pages

Series Information:

Evernight (Academy) Book 02


5 out of 5

Bianca has to go through another challenge of deciding between two forces that both want her on their side. No matter what side she picks, it would mean giving up Lucas, a vampire hunter she fell in love with, and sacrificing her morals and/or life to be with either one of them. Will she give in to the destiny that others want for her — or will she pick her own destiny to follow…?

Like the last review, I love books about vampires, too. So this review is going to be a good one, unless I name anything that may have bugged me. Also, there might be a lot of spoilers.

Like the first book of the series, Stargazer starts out with what happens towards the middle or end of the book. It pretty interesting when the authors do something like that, but only if they write it to a point where it is summarizing the past or future events or it is similar to what happens later on in the book.

Stargazer continues to where Evernight left off: Lucas leaving and them trying to figure out how to see each other again. They do see each other again, but their relationship gets kind of rocky when Balthazar gets to be a tag along person on their dates (Poor Bathazar :(). However, there is more than one reason why Bathazar wants to go along besides to keep an eye on Bianca – he wants to find his sister.

Also in book 2 of the series, Bianca continues fighting to pick her own destiny, instead of following what others want for her, and to stay with the person she loves, Lucas. Although, personally, I wish Bianca would end up with someone that has some of Lucas and Balthazar’s personality traits. I’m tied between the two of them for which one I rally want her to end up with. :(

This book also a lot of fun information about things like how similar ghosts and vampires are, how Bianca actually was conceived, and why her parents actually want her to become a full vampire. Anyways, the ending of the book is another cliffhanger. :( I guess we have to wait until the series finally finish until the cliffhangers stop. :P

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:



Re-read later on.

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