Review: Ready by Lucy Monroe


Book Information:

Ready by Lucy Monroe
Kensington Books
Published in 2005
ISBN 0758208642
304 Pages

Series Information:

Mercenary Book 01


5 out of 5

Lise Barton was an ordinary author, that is, until someone seems to be stalking her. But when that person escalates, she moves from Texas to Seattle. However, the threats start up again and are worse — this time the stalker threatens her family. After the threat, Lise cancels her Thanksgiving trip back to Texas, but someone visits her that she didn’t except to show up. Joshua Watt comes to Seattle to drag her back to Texas for Thanksgiving, but once he knows about someone stalking Lise, he is ready to protect her no matter what she feels about it. There’s just one thing — he has personal feelings for Lise, so how will he be able to work without thinking about having sex with her…?

Not a supernatural book, but that will change sooner of later. ;)

This book is really good, and I can’t really review it without giving away some things in the book. So, I’ll just tell you to read it and be done with it.

There is nothing I really didn’t like about, but I like the book because 1) smut, 2) action without being to gory, 3) it’s interesting, and 4) I just like it because it appeals to me. ;)

Warning though, there are sexual themes and maybe themes that are not for sensitive people like people who have been stalked before or something.

This is the first book in this series; however, there are some connected stories. The connected stories are not apart of this series time-line, but they do mention the characters in this series a little bit. The connected stories are here.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:



Once with a 2nd review added.

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