Review: The Lost One by Lynne Ewing


Book Information:

The Lost One by Lynne Ewing
Published in 2001
ISBN 0786807075
274 Pages

Series Information:

Daughters of the Moon Book 06


4 out of 5

Tianna wakes up one day not knowing who or where she is. The only clue she has is a note, in her own handwriting, stating that her life was in danger. As she searches for clues as to who she is, she founds that she has the power to move things with her mind. Then she notices people following her and the Daughters of the Moon watching her, so what is her connection to the Daughters of the Moon? And why does the Atrox want to capture her so badly?

The sixth book out of 13 books for this series. It’s another supernatural book that draws on legends of goddesses and other things like that.

I love this series. It has pretty good details, character growth, and explores some new and supernatural.

It was kind of unexpected that the author added another daughter based on Selene giving sympathy to the girl, but at least Tianna had to prove herself first before she was an “official” daughter until she completed that task.

This book is still pretty good, especially with Derek and the sort-of romance between them. However, I wish there was a little bit more romance going on between them and less of the mission thing. :( Oh, that’s another thing I like in this series, the guys. :)

As the books/series goes on, you get more information about the Daughters of the Moon and the Atrox, which is good because it won’t overload you with information with just one book.

Any more information would spoil the books. :P Books 4-6 were put into another omnibus.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

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Once with a 2nd review added.

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