Review: The Prophecy by Lynne Ewing


Book Information:

The Prophecy by Lynne Ewing
Published in 2004
ISBN 0786818913
273 Pages

Series Information:

Daughters of the Moon Book 11


4 out of 5

Catty is close to having the Scroll, but time is running out when it is going to be displayed at the local art museum. Before Catty can steal it, she is given the Scroll, but this gift has strings attached. In return for the Scroll, she must go Nefandus, where the Atrox lives, and meet her father, who is a member of the Atrox’s inner circle. He gives her a tempting proposal. Will she give in to the dark side of her heritage?

The 12th book out of 13 books for this series. It’s another supernatural book that draws on legends of goddesses and other things like that.

I love this series. It has pretty good details, character growth, and explores some new and supernatural.

Okay, another book on Catty. You finally get to meet Catty’s father and find out more about the Atrox and the Scroll. This book also shows Chris’s last appearance, so you find out whom Catty ends up with. :( Like I said before, I like these books mostly because the author makes the males yummy. :) Oh, and I also like the books because of the mythology that’s in them. ;)

Since the series is about to end, it has a little bit less information about the Daughters of the Moon and the Atrox, but it still gives important events that will lead up to the last book of the series.

Any more information would spoil the books. :P

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:



Once with a 2nd review added.

Other Reviews/Author Site:

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Places to Buy From:

Currently out of print. There is currently no book with books 7-13 in them.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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