Review: Black Heart by Justin Somper


Book Information:

Black Heart by Justin Somper
Little, Brown and Company
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780316020879
504 Pages

Series Information:

Vampirates Book 04


4 out of 5

There are now two rogue Vampirate ships roaming the oceans, and they are both leaving a trail of destruction in their path. When one of the two rogue Vampirate ships kills and drains a high-profile pirate, the Pirate Federation is left with little choice but to destroy all Vampirates. In order to keep peace and harmony on both land and seas, they assign the mission of hunting Vampirates to newly appointed Captain Cheng Li and her crew. While Connor is placed in danger, Grace is enjoying what little time she has with her weak mother, Sally. Weakening with each passing day, Sally must reveal to Connor and Grace the truth behind their birth. How will Connor and Grace react to the shocking truth behind their true parentage?

Unlike the first two books, it doesn’t start out with a useless prologue, so it gets better with that standpoint. Though, with my other complaints from the other two books, not so much. :S Though, as you read through this series, the details and descriptions of the events and the characters are get more interesting and very well done, and the plot and action becomes more intriguing as well. Oh, and this book is much more interesting than the first three books in this series. :D

Though, some things haven’t changed that much with Grace. She still has the know-it-all attitude and personality, which doesn’t really count as “wisdom”, and it annoys me very much. xD Also, she still is developing the whiny, desperate, needy, martyr-like personality. However, it is a little less annoying than before since the book changes the point-of-view so much that you don’t have to put up with her that often. Connor and the other characters seem to have developed more, and I like how they how they seem to fight against whatever destiny the author is trying to have for them, unlike Grace.

Another problem is that instead of envisioning the future, since it takes place in the year 2512, I kind on just seeing things that revert to the past. The only clue you have of the future is the modern-like objects that pop up every once in a while. Also, unlike the other books, the time period is posted at the beginning of the first chapter. :)

Making vampires into pirates is a very original idea, and this idea keeps you wanting more books in the series. Just read the series since it has start off in a very good way. :)

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:



Re-read later on.

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