Review: The Coffin Club by Ellen Schreiber


Book Information:

The Coffin Club by Ellen Schreiber
Katherine Tegen Books
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780061288845
177 Pages

Series Information:

Vampire Kisses Book 05


4 out of 5

Summer vacation has finally started, and the only thing missing is her nocturnal boyfriend, Alexander. It has been a while since Alexander has left Dullsville to return Valentine to Jagger, and she is starting to worry about what’s taking him so long. For summer vacation, she goes back to where her Aunt Libby lives to find Alexander. Though, while trying to find him, she can’t resist going to the place where goths roam, the Coffin Club. However, she gets lost in the club and finds a secret door, the true Coffin Club. At the true Coffin Club, she makes friends with some of the members and is drawn to another – a biker named Phoenix. This time the danger of being changed into a vampire is great, and what’s worse, the fate of the humans in the town starts to look bleak, when Jagger starts planning to use the Coffin Club to run the mortals out of town.

Another supernatural/vampire book. I read this book a long time ago, so I had to reread it, in order to make a review. ^^;

This book, for young adults, is actually quite good. Even though it doesn’t have the creativeness of changing vampires into something else besides the stereotype vampires, it has enough description, lovely-doveyness, and plot that will not leave you disappointed. :) <— I know I have said this for the past couple of books for this series, but it is still true even in this fifth book of this series.

Like the previous books, the plot becomes more exciting and develops the characters and events that will lead to what will happen with Alexander and Raven. It’s kind of like Twilight – since the main girl character (the mortal) is trying to get the vampire guy to change her into vampire, but he doesn’t want to. However, that’s the ONLY thing similar to the series Twilight. The Vampire Kisses is original with the main lead character having spunk and courage, which most vampire books won’t give to their main girl characters.

The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that the author keeps on doing the “Alexander runs away to Raven’s aunt’s town, and Raven goes there to find him.” That theme is getting a little overused in this series. Hopefully, it’s the last time she uses it, but who knows.

Other than that my feelings have change only a little bit from when I read the first book in this series, but it is still pretty good. So, I’ll stop wasting your time and just say, “Go read the series.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

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