Review: Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber


Book Information:

Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber
Katherine Tegen Books
Published in 2009
ISBN 9780061288876
195 Pages

Series Information:

Vampire Kisses Book 06


4 out of 5

Alexander’s and Raven’s late, romantic nights are coming to an end, and not just because summer is almost over. When a mysterious letter shows up at the mansion, they discover that his parents are coming to town. Excited at the prospect of finally meeting Alexander parents, Raven waits for the moment she will finally get to meet them. But the problem now is the whole town has seen them before seen them before her, his girlfriend! Why hasn’t Alexander introduced Raven to them? Does he want to hide something from her? Or, hide something from his parents? When Raven finally does meet Alexander’s parents, she finds out something that might stop their relationship? Will their love be able to grow after this event or…?

Another supernatural/vampire book. I read this book a long time ago, and I was just now able to recheck it out from the library again. :( So, here is the review. ;) I should have the seventh book of this series up soon, too. :D

This book, for young adults, is actually quite. Even though it doesn’t have the creativeness of changing vampires into something else besides the stereotype vampires, it has enough description, lovey-dovey moments, and plot that will not leave you disappointed. ;D I know I have said that for the past couple of books for this series, but it is still true even in the sixth book of this series. Though, Raven always pushing Alexander to change her into a vampire just so she’s not different from him and his family is making her almost like Bella. >.>

Like the previous books, the plot becomes more exciting and develops the characters and events that will lead to what will happen with Alexander and Raven.  It’s kind of like Twilight — since the main girl character (the mortal) is trying to get the vampire guy to change her into vampire, but he doesn’t want to. Another thing that is similar to Twilight is that Raven is pushing Alexander to make her into a vampire, just like how Bella pushed Edward to make her into a vampire. Though, those are pretty much the only things similar to Twilight. The rest of the Vampire Kisses series is original with the main lead character having spunk and courage, which most vampire books won’t give to their main girl characters.

The thing I like with the books now is that she introduces new characters to create a new air around the main characters. Reading about Alexander’s parents and how they are like brings Alexander in a new kind of light. I hope the author will keep on introducing new characters from Alexander’s life, so that he doesn’t stay mysterious.  Also, I am kind of hoping the series won’t end with Raven becoming a vampire. I’m hoping that the author will do something unexpected and pair her up with Trevor, or, leaving Raven mortal for a vampire Alexander, or even, finding a way to make Alexander mortal. :)

Other than that my feelings have change only a little bit from when I read the first book in this series, but it is still pretty good. So, I’ll stop wasting your time and just say, “Go read the series.”

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Checked out from the library.

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