Review: Wolfcry by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


Book Information:

Wolfcry by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Delacorte Press
Published in 2006
ISBN 0385731957
198 Pages

Series Information:

Kiesha’Ra Book 04


4 out of 5

Oliza Shardae Cobriana is the heir to two courts, the avians and serpiente. Although her parents merged the two courts together as Wyvern’s Court and the war ended, the hatred is still noticeable in Wyvern’s Court. However, when Urban, a serpiente dancer, expresses love towards Oliza, the hatred and tension rises. Though when she finds Urban beaten up on the avian side of Wyvern’s Court, she begins to wonder how she can lead her people, when no one really wants to stop their hatred? Before she can find the answer to that question, lion mercenaries, who take her into the wolves’ territory, kidnap her. She meets Betia, a female wolf, and the Obsidian Guild, a group of white viper dancers, there. However, will she be able to find out the answer to her question with them? And will Hai’s and her predictions show her the choice she must choose in order to give peace to her people without leading to another war? Oliza must make a decision before it’s too late, no matter how much pain it causes.

Another book review for The Kiesha’Ra series. I’m only one book away from finishing this series. I can’t wait until I get rid of it since I’m not really starting to like the direction the series is going. :( Oh, there might be some spoilers, so watch out for them. :X

Like most series, the third book is usually where it gets less interesting or turns toward something you won’t really like. For Wolfcry, it’s gets a little more interesting than Falcondance, but it still turns into something that I didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong, I like plot twists, but only when it goes more toward the characters I like the most. Anyways, like Snakecharm, Wolfcry takes place after a couple of months from the previous book, Falcondance.

Like in the second book, Snakecharm and Falcondance, you learn more about how the avians, serpiente, and falcons came to be, and little bit more about the powers Oliza holds. Also, I like the information about the white vipers and the wolves. Though, I really, really don’t like Hai. She seems a lot more snobbish than the other falcons, and it looks like she will cause more trouble than she is really worth. Also, it seems that she wants respect from Oliza, but doesn’t really know how to get it. Though, I can’t blame Oliza for not trusting or liking Hai that much. When you throw in a new relative that you haven’t even heard about, you are bound to have troubles, so I don’t blame Oliza at all. Hai also annoys and confuses me like she does to Oliza. Anyways, I really think the author shouldn’t have included her in the story line at all, but that’s the author’s call, not mine.  :( Something else I like even more now, I like how the author addresses same-sex relationships into the book. It made it a little bit more interesting, and took away, kind of, the annoyance that Hai caused me. :) I like it when authors add in something that society hardly ever talks about. ;)

Despite the few shortcomings, like Hai, Wolfcry was very well written, but I like the first book a lot more than the following books. The descriptions are a little bit less, but the events are suspenseful. Finding shapeshifter books, just on their own, are rare, so that makes this book even more wonderful. I miss Danica and Zane as the main characters, but I hope the original spark will come back. I still think it would have been better just to end it with the first book, and not this one. Though, with this book, at least a little bit of spark came back, but not much. *SPOILER* I read the summary for the next book, and let’s say I don’t really like how Hai and her followers will mess things up. *END SPOILER*

Anyways, go ahead and read the book. Though, like I said before, there are same-sex relationships in this book and in maybe in the next one, too.

P.S. I know I said this, but I REALLY hate Hai. ^^

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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