Review: Wyvernhail by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


Book Information:

by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Delacorte Press
Published in 2007
ISBN 9780440240037
183 Pages

Series Information:

Kiesha’Ra Book 05
Last Book in the Kiesha’Ra Series


1 out of 5

Hai has always been an outsider, and even in the Wynern’s court, she is considered a mongrel. Few consider her as a friend, even the royal family refuses to acknowledge her bloodline. However, when she starts having visions, they begin to overwhelm her. Though, are they the future or something that her presence awakens? When Oliza, Hai’s cousin, abdicates the throne to Wyvern’s Court because she wants to save it from the vision she saw, Hai sees its destruction. When Salem, heir to the serpiente throne, is poisoned, in order to prevent Oliza from coming back, Hai’s followers plan to usurp the throne. However, as long as Oliza lives, the visions of her child destroying everything can come true. Unable to kill Oliza, due to Nicias’ loyalty towards her, Hai must find a way to awaken Salem — even if that means her giving up something that is precious to her.

Another book review for The Kiesha’Ra series. Oh, yay, I’m finally finished with this series. \o/ Let’s say, I don’t really like the ending. :( Also, there are spoilers, so beware

Like most series, the third book is usually where it gets less interesting or turns toward something you won’t really like. The same thing is kind of true for this series. With the ending of Wyvermhail, it gets a lot less interesting, and not to mention, you wonder why Hai is still in the book. True, the visions helped Oliza’s decision, but without Hai there to interfere, then her followers wouldn’t have tried killed Salem. Then, with Salem alive, she wouldn’t have gotten the vision of Oliza’s child. *shakes head* *SIGHS*

Anyways, Wyvernhail, takes place only moments from the previous book, Falcondance. Now, instead of a likable character narrating, Hai is the one that narrates this story. Although she doesn’t seem as cold as she did in the other books with her in them, it is still hard to actually like her or even accept that she had a real part in the series. The only part I think she was really needed for is to help Oliza abdicate and waking up Salem, other than that, I view her as unnecessary to the series.

Another problem with the book is that her visions and the real life is muddled together, so you have to think about what is real and what is not. Also, the author depended on visions to tell the ending of the series, which I didn’t really like. Why depend on visions, when they can change? I like the idea of visions of the future, but with Hai, I didn’t like it so much. She annoys me whenever she thinks to interfere, I know other books with visions, they interfere, but they, most of the time, interfere at a lower level. Hai, however, interferes at a much higher level in this book than she did in the others.

With that said, I didn’t think that Wyvernhail as well written as the other books, and I really don’t want to say, “Go read it.” Though, if you want to know the ending, as crappy as it is, you have to read it. My advice is just read the last two chapters to avoid the annoying parts with Hai in them. The descriptions are a lot less, but the events are suspenseful and annoying. With this book, I miss Danica and Zane as the main characters, but the spark that it once had, died with this book. The first two books are worth reading, the last three books, err, they really aren’t worth reading, especially this one.

Buying all the books separately isn’t really worth it, but if you really want all the books, get The Shapeshifters. That book has all of the Kiesha’Ra books, Hawksong, Snakecharm, Falcondance, Wolfcry, and Wyvernhail, and it’s cheaper than getting all the books separately. This way, you don’t feel guilty if you wasted your money. Buy it from these places The Shapeshifters Ebook // The Shapeshifters Paperback.

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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