Review: Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Book Information:

Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780312596309
338 Pages

Series Information:

House of Night Book 04


4 out of 5

Zoey’s problems have just recently blown up in her face, so now she has to deal with the consequences of her actions. Her friends all hate her, she no longer has any boyfriends, Neferet has declared war on the humans, and now Aphrodite has a vision that Zoey’s death will bring violence, hatred, and darkness to the world. Zoey knows what she has to do, but how can she do it when even her friends don’t want to listen to her? Also, how will she be able stop Neferet’s new plan of destroying the world they all know?

Okay, it has been over a year since I have read the last book of this series, so I kind of had to reread all three of the books I have already read. Why? So I can remember how the series was liked — I don’t have that good of a memory, people.

Anyways, in the fourth book of the House of Night series, things are heating up for Zoey and it all blows up in her face in this book. *SIGHS* This book is starting to be like all the other supernatural young adult books I have read. Yeah, I’m starting to go, “When will this freaking series ends, the high school drama is getting on my freaking nerves!” Though, there is a little bit more supernatural in this book than the last one, but not as much as I would like it to be. There are a couple of things that annoy me in this book. First, all the drama, I know you need action, but can’t the authors think of a better way of getting action and attention the, “Booo hooo, my friends don’t like me, but I need them in order to save the world,” is a little unbelieving. I also hate the bossy attitude of Zoey’s, the “I’m going to be their high priestess, so they have to listen to me,” is a little *BARF*. I like that kind of attitude (kind of) in the male characters, but in females, I find it bitchy. ^^; Yes, I’m vain.

One thing I like in this book is how Aphrodite is turning out — nicer, but still uses her attitude as comic relief, almost like Erin, Shaunee, Damien, and Jack. I also like Darius and how he can appreciate Aphrodite. :) Yes, I like the other characters more Zoey. Let’s see, what else do I like. Hmmm… Oh, I also like how the authors are starting to merge Cherokee legends into the book. Also, the descriptions are done very well. In this series, descriptions are a little bit better than most other series. :D

After you skip over the high school drama, this book is pretty good, but the page amount for this book is pretty all right. If there were a little bit less high school drama, I would most likely like this series better. Also, Zoey is definitely annoying in this book. *SIGHS* I wish the book was more centered on her friends than Zoey and her growing powers and how she will be a priestess. Other than the high school drama and Zoey’s attitude, this book is great for a quick read. Though, it is kind of turning a little boring with all of the high school drama. ^^ Just a warning, there is a gay character in the book, and they talk about sex, kissing, and things like that a couple of times.

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Checked out from the library.

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