Review: Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Book Information:

Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published in 2009
ISBN 9780312379827
323 Pages

Series Information:

House of Night Book 05


3 out of 5


After Kalona, Neferet’s consort, appears from underneath the Earth, Neferet, Kalona, and Kalona’s sons start destroying the House of Night. However, Zoey and the gang escape their destruction by going into the underground tunnels, where the red fledglings live. Now, Zoey and the gang must come up with a plan to prevent the world from becoming a violent and chaotic one, but that stops when Zoey gets injured and must go back to the House of Night. There she has to fight with Neferet more head-on than she would like, and not only that, are the red fledglings really as civilized as they appear? And will Zoey be able to bring Stark away from Neferet’s sinister side? What will they do when the evil has hidden among them?

I actually finished this book faster than the others because my computer died. x_x The  motherboard went ka-plooey, so I was able to read until Black Friday, which was today, in order to get a new computer. :) Anyways, isn’t it amazing what you get done with when computers (mostly the Internet) are down? ;) Oh, there might be some spoilers below. :X

Hunted starts off almost immediately where Untamed left off – Zoey and the gang are now in the tunnels with the kind of civilized version of the red fledglings, waiting for Kalona and Neferet’s invasion to calm down or at least wait until they have a plan on how to deal with the new threat. However, when Zoey gets injured, she has to fight more head on than she would like.

All right, let’s start with the things I didn’t like about this book. One, the authors keep on describing the same characters with almost the exact same words as the other books. I know it is good to remind readers on what the characters look like, but don’t do it in every single book, unless they somehow changed their appearance between the last book and the beginning of book they are going to read. Two, can Zoey ever NOT have a boyfriend or boyfriends in a book? Even in Untamed, Zoey wasn’t without a boy/boyfriend for long since she became attached to Stark. She even went as far as calling him her “soul mate”. What the hell is wrong with having one boyfriend throughout the series? Or even having no boyfriend? Do those two authors really think that teenagers are all like that – always needing a boyfriend/love? Three, it is getting very predictable and is almost like all the other books I have read.

Now for the things I liked about the book. One, all the new descriptions and having so many of them was definitely more enjoyable. :D Two, the development of Aphrodite and how much she has changed (attitude wise). Out of all the characters, I think the authors did a better job at making Aphrodite develop as a character than almost all the others. Three, there was a lot more supernatural, but there was still some drama in there. UGH! Four, using Cherokee legends in a very creative way.

One last bit of interesting information. Erik’s name is spelled wrong in the summary. Oh, and also, on one of the pages (247), it says that Darius would be pleased about the vocabulary words she has been using. Isn’t it Damien who is the vocabulary nerd, or did I miss something?

Anyways, overall the book is good for a quick read, but it is getting a little tiresome since it is becoming a little bit predictable. :X Just a warning, there is a gay character in the book, and they talk about sex, kissing, and things like that a couple of times.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

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Once with a 2nd review added.

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