Review: The Trail of Tears by Joseph Bruchac, Illustrated by Diana Magnuson


Book Information:
The Trail of Tears by Joseph Bruchac, Illustrated by Diana Magnuson
Random House
Published in 1999
ISBN 0679890521
48 Pages

Series Information:

Step into Reading (Level 5)
Not a real series, and you can read them in any order.


3 out of 5


Through simple explanation, the author explains the history behind the Trail of Tears and the challenges that the Cherokee Nation faced during this time period. Chief of the Cherokee Nation, John Ross, and his people (17,000) must leave their homes and go west. During this trying time period and journey, a lot of deaths and hardships will befall them.

The information given is pretty much interesting, which one of the reasons why I like the book, and even some of the history I don’t really remember that well. The hardships that they are faced and the history facts are not really watered down, but phrased in a way that won’t have your kids ask questions you wouldn’t really want to answer when they are still kind of young. If your kids don’t understand that we have done bad things in the past, you might have some explaining to do. Now some of the interesting information they give are about Cherokee legends of how their people came to be, the legend of the Cherokee Rose, which is thought to come from the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee written language and the newspaper, and some other pieces of information. Basically, it is kind of like a miniature history book with fun and interesting information, but I wouldn’t count on it for tests and things like that since most schools depend on their history books for making tests. It’s also great if you want to give a head start for your kids about the subject before they start on it in school. Another reason why I like this book is because of the illustrations inside the book. They are some pretty, and I liked looking at some of them. :D

The only thing I didn’t like the book is the boring parts and not enough history/facts to keep me personally interested, which is the main reason why I rated this book a 3 out of 5. However, it is a good little book that will tell your kids about the Trail of Tears before they learn it in school.

I would recommend this book for kids who are having difficult time learning about the Trail of Tears and need a little bit easy way of explaining the basics of what happened during that time. However, I wouldn’t depend solely on it for their school projects. Also, make sure you read it with them because some of the words they will have trouble with like the Cherokee language and maybe some other things. But, it is pretty much easy to understand.

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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