2nd Review: Possession by Lynne Ewing


Book Information:

Possession by Lynne Ewing
Published in 2002
ISBN 0786808500
275 Pages

Series Information:

Daughters of the Moon Book 08


3 out of 5


After an old woman forces Serena to drink some very odd water, she starts to have lapses of memory, mood swings, and acting like a completely different person at times. Not only that, the old woman who gave her the water is following her. What has she done to Serena, and is it a part of bigger plan?

I decided to do a better review of the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing since my first ones weren’t done very well. This book is really a fast read, but since I really didn’t like this one, it took longer than the other two books.

I’m not too familiar with all of the mythology legends, but it sounds like it starts with another legend in the beginning. However, I’m not too sure about it. Though, it is a pretty interesting story, even if it is a kind of false legend.

I was a little bored with this book because it really didn’t have the same “wow” factor as the other books in the series. However, the tone and dialogue reminds me a lot of my teenage years and my high school, so the author did a really good job at writing the book in teenage words and their world. The descriptions were also very well done, and both of these things made the book go a little bit faster than most other young adult books. So, I really like this book from this standpoint.

Another thing I liked about this book is the mythology that is incorporated in it. Also, the character growth and their personalities are believable (for a supernatural book). Despite the descriptions, there is very little growth. Also, I wish the author would take a different twist with Serena and have her character grow a little bit more. With all the books I have read so far, they all seem to be similar with Serena acting this way, and that makes it a little bit boring. However, it’s better than most books that have a series. :( As the books/series goes on, you get more information about the Daughters of the Moon and the Atrox, which is good because it won’t overload you with information with just one book.

Anyways, this book of the series is pretty average and a little bit boring. The series is a good read, but I wish this book had a little more “wow” to it.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


This is the 2nd review, 1st review is here.
Not planning to re-read.

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Currently out of print. There is currently no book with books 7-13 in them.

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