Review: Divided by Kelley Armstrong


Book Information:

Divided by Kelley Armstrong
Published in N/A
100 Pages

Series Information:

Edison Group Experiments Book 1.5
Darkest Powers Trilogy Book 1.5


5 out of 5

Derek and Simon are separated from Rae and Chloe, but what kind of troubles do they have while separated from the girls? You’ll find out in this short story.

The plot basically belongs between books one and two of the series. It is between on Chapter 44 of The Summoning and Chapter 16 of The Awakening. Despite going into The Awakening, I would suggest reading this short story before you read The Awakening, so you won’t really forget anything.

Anyways, in my opinion, this short, or most of it anyways, should have been added to The Summoning in order to give it a little bit more depth. I like how Derek narrates this short story – it is way less annoying than having Chloe narrating the whole story. You also get a peek at Derek and Simon’s feelings towards Chloe, which makes this short story even more interesting than the first book. I just wish the author could have put this in the books – in order to make them have more depth and humor.

Also, please note, this is a review of the free short story. It is no longer free online since it will be published in a book along with the Dangerous and Disenchanted short stories. I have no idea if the previous free version is the same as the combined version or not.

Where I Got It:

Read it while it was a free read on the author’s website.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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