Review: Disenchanted by Kelley Armstrong


Book Information:

Disenchanted by Kelley Armstrong
Published in N/A
36 Pages

Series Information:

Edison Group Experiments Book 2.5
Darkest Powers Trilogy Book 2.5


4 out of 5

When Chloe and Derek get off the bus and separate from Tori and Simon, what exactly happens with them? Read this short story and find out.

The plot of this short story is between Chapter 28 and Chapter 37 (around page 309) of The Awakening. However, I suggest reading the book first and then read this short story.

Unlike the other short stories, this one is good to have out of the books. Why? Because it doesn’t have the same depth or feeling as the second book, so it wouldn’t make sense to have in the book. Also, unlike the other short stories, this one narrated by Tori with a little narration by Simon. However, the difference in narration was not the reason why I didn’t like it that much. I didn’t like this short that much because it feels like the author skipped events and some details in order to make it shorter. There were plenty of descriptions, but I wish there were more details to the events of this short story.

Also, please note, this is a review of the free short story. It is no longer free online since it will be published in a book along with the Dangerous and Divided short stories. I have no idea if the previous free version is the same as the combined version or not.

There are also, I think, two more short stories. I’ll have to look it up. One should be in a book and the other is included in another combination e-book of short stories.

Where I Got It:

Read it while it was a free read on the author’s website.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

Other Reviews/Author Site:

$New_Bullet Kelley Armstrong
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Places to Buy From:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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