Review: Fated by Anna Leigh Keaton


Book Information:

Fated by Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press, LLC
Published in 2010 (?)
ISBN 9781600883729
84 Pages

Series Information:

Woodland Magic Book 01


2 out of 5

When Tina goes to visit her sister, Sheridan, she meets Aislan. Tina has never believed in fairy tales, but meeting Aislan, a fairy prince, has changed her mind. But will the fairy be able to save from a disease no one can cure?

This was a very short e-book, and one or two problems that caused me to not really enjoy reading it. >.>” I know, I like smut, but I like a little bit more plot and character development would have been nice. And the only reason why the rating is a two is because I like the smut in it. Oh, there might be some spoilers in my review. ^^;

Okay, now for the reasons why I didn’t like it. One, not enough plot and character development. Two, not that much in-depth feeling in order to make it a little bit better and longer. There, the personalities are so blah, and they don’t really develop until the second book. Correction, nothing really develops until the second book.

This part of the review might contain spoilers.

The basic plot reminds me of so many different supernatural HEA (happily ever afters) that have the main character suffering from an incurable disease in the human world, but the supernatural portion (vampire, fairies, etc) finds are way to cure it (usually by bringing them into their world). Then, they live happily ever after.

Now, that might be the HEA you like, but I usually like my climax with more action than finding a way to cure an incurable disease (unless it has some kind of twist).

End Spoilers?

Now for the things I liked it: the smut, of course, and some of the details. Also, it is a quick smutty read. That’s it. >.>”

Overall, if you want to pay $4.00 to $5.00 for an eighty-four-page e-book, go ahead. I mostly bought it because I love supernatural, smutty things. And, I loved the cover. Though, I would read it before reading the second book since it kind of goes over what happens in this book. ;)

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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