Review: Mated by Anna Leigh Keaton


Book Information:

Mated by Anna Leigh Keaton
Cobblestone Press, LLC
Published in 2010
ISBN 9781600884672
118 Pages

Series Information:

Woodland Magic Book 02


4 out of 5

After Sheridan loses her sister, Tina, to the fairy prince, Aislan, she begins to feel lonely. However, Barachus and Dresden, guards to the fairy king, will not let her feel that way for that much longer. But, there are a few problems before they can be together. One, the fairy king won’t allow their relationship. Two, Sheridan doesn’t like/allow males touching her. Will their feelings be strong enough to keep them together?

Okay, this book is much better than the first book in the series. It’s hardly the perfect book, but much, much better than the last one in this series. :) Oh, there might be spoilers in this review as well. ;) Just warning you ahead of time. :D

A couple of notes first before I actually start in with what I like. Don’t worry there are only one or two general notes that I would like to point out first. ;)

Remember how I said, even though the first book is kind of bad, you should still read it? Well, here’s the reason why you should. This book starts off with some parts of Chapter Nine of Fated, but it changes to what happens to Sheridan after Tina leaves with Aislan. Why the author didn’t just combine the two books into one general book with different POVs (point-of-views), I don’t know, but that’s what happens sometimes. Anyways, that was the first note.

The second note is that there is a mention of rape and attempted rape. However, the author tries to put it as delicately as she can without it being too upsetting. Now, if you don’t reading about any kind of rape, attempted rape, or how a woman feels after she is raped, don’t read this book then. ;)

One last note, before I forget and gush over the smutty parts. ;) There are male x male smut scenes and male x female x male smut scenes. I like ménage and yaoi, so I don’t have a problem reading about it. But, I mostly know how most people react when they see homosexual relations, so just warning about those things.

Now that those notes are done, let’s move on to why I liked this book a lot more. One, the plot and character development is much more noticeable. I actually can tell what some of the character’s personalities are now. ;) It also has more emotion from the characters, rather than having just “sadness” like the first book did.

Another thing I love about the book is that there is more action. The last book had too much cuddling and crying for my tastes. ^^; And I like Sheridan develops her “claws” against her attacker and show how he (the attacker) can’t overpower her anymore. :D

The last thing I liked about the books is, you guessed it, the smut. I love how the author was able to make the male x male scenes and ménage scenes so yummy~ *COUGHS* I’ll stop that before I write all of the lovely, smutty scenes. ^^;

Overall, this book had a lot more development than the previous one, and the characters had more emotion to them. It was also pretty much a short, fast read. ;)

One more thing, if the author comes out with more Woodland Magic books, I might not read them. :(

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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