Reviewing the Year…


Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge

Completed reading 65 books. ;)

To see all the books that I read for this challenge, go to the 2011 Reading Challenge page. :D

RhiReading’s Informal PRR 2011 Challenge

The book review site, RhiReading, put up an informal challenge to see what kind of resolutions you can complete on the blog, and I (informally) participated. ;)

Finish re-vamping my book review blog and leave it that way.

I left it way, but now I’m planning to make it easier for me to change themes. ^^;

Re-Read existing book reviews to make better reviews.

Still re-reading, so didn’t meet this goal.

Read some banned books.

Out of the 10 books I planned, I only read 3. x_X

Read some of the books that are collecting dust in my book shelf.

I read all 10 books that I own personally that I planned. :D

Join some reading challenges.

I joined the goodreads reading challenge. :P

Review some picture books.

I read and reviewed 16 pictures books.

Read at least 400 pages each month (includes re-reads).

Pretty much every month I read over 400 pages.

Now What?

Now, well, I will make new resolutions and try to figure out a new number for the Goodread’s challenge this year. ;)