Review: Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber

Book Information:

Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber
Katherine Tegen Books
Published in 2012
ISBN 9780062070081
261 Pages

Series Information:

Vampire Kisses Book 09
Last Book in the Vampire Kisses Series


3 out of 5


Raven finally gets to meet Stormy, Alexander’s sister. And now Raven finally gets to see what it is like to be a vampire in Alexander’s family. While Stormy creates the perfect storm around Dullsville, Raven begins to wonder how much Alexander actually loves her. Will she finally be able to become what she has always dreamed of?

Okay, when I finished the eighth book in the series, I didn’t think would read this book — mostly because the previous one was so horrible. This one was kind of average, but only a couple of things saved it from being a two star. So think of this as a high two instead of a three. Oh, this review will contain spoilers. >.<

This book takes place about a week after the last one, so you don’t  miss that much in between. Everything that was annoying in the previous book is still there (and still annoying). Raven is still very selfish and bratty, and several times I almost gritted my teeth and threw the book. And Alexander isn’t that much better — I was very irritated at the “easy” way he decided to go. Also, they get in a fight because Alexander thought Raven only wanted to be a vampire, not love him. Oh, granted, she likes Alexander, but she also loves the little side bonus to it too. It just annoyed me again and reminded me of Twilight. >.>” Also, Rave and Alexander often contradicted themeselves and what they believe in, especially when it came to Billy and Stormy. Another thing I found annoying was that Raven didn’t care enough to learn more about Romeo or Jameson until this book. For real, it takes nine books before a main character wants to know about major minor characters?

Anyways, the ending is not good. I didn’t like how predictable it was — since it is exact same thing as many books in this genre. Forgive me for hoping for something different. *SPOILER* For real, why change her while she’s still in high school and 17, with parents who are still alive and don’t know about vampires? At least Twilight waited until she was graduated and married. >.> *END SPOILER*

For this book, the only thing that kept me reading it was Stormy (Athena). Her personality really out-shined all of the other characters, even all the main characters. Also, her personality reminded me of how Raven was in the beginning of the series — cheerful, knows how to stand up for herself, and only a LITTLE bratty. And she even brought out a side of Alexander that we never got to see while Raven was with him. I also like how Stormy has more determination and fire about the RIGHT things. Some of my favorites scenes include Stormy: The  fall dance and the Star Wars costumes.

Overall, only Stormy saved this book. If it weren’t for that character, this book would have been a one or two star. However, she didn’t save me from hating the ending or the personalities of the main characters.

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Checked out from the library.

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Goodreads 2012

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Ellen Schreiber

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