Review: Alice 19th Volume 3 by Yuu Watase

Book Information:

Alice 19th Volume 3 by Yuu Watase
Illustrated by Yuu Watase
Adaptation by Lance Caselman
Translated by JN Productions
Touch-up Art & Lettering by Walden Wong
Designing by Judi Roubideaux
Main Editing by Kelli Blackwell
VIZ Media and Shogakukan
Published in 2001 (Shogakukan), 2004 (VIZ)
ISBN 9781591162308
183 Pages

Series Information:

Alice 19th Book 03


4 out of 5


Ease of Reading Text: 4 out of 5
Illustrations: 5 out of 5
Plot: 5 out of 5
Art Touch-Up: 3 out of 5
Translation: 5 out of 5
Design: 5 out of 5

Alice, Frey, and Kyo finally managed to find Mayura, but is she really back? This sibling rivalry reaches a new new height when Mayura, a Maram Master, and Alice, a Loits Master, are pitted against each other. Whose “words” will win out in the end?

This review may contain some slight spoilers, especially if you haven’t read the other volumes, so beware. ;)

Things are really start to get heated up now that Mayura and Alice are fighting for the guy they both like. Though, it’s obvious to us who Kyo really likes, right? I really like how the manga-ka has made the main guy character (Kyo) clueless about love — instead of the main female character — since I see that pretty much all of the time. xD Also, I like that Alice has gotten a stronger personality. :D

Everything is developing really nicely — artwork, plot, personalities, etc. Also, you get to learn how the Lotis was formed and everything. You also get to see more of  Alice’s and Mayura’s mom and dad — and their personalities. I know I haven’t said this before, but I really love how the manga-ka draws expressions — some of them are really funny. Like when Frey and Kyo fight the byoma or when Kyo throws up, the expressions made me laugh. Right now my favorite characters are Nyozeka and Frey — I love how they interact with each other and their expressions. My favorite scene in this volume is the last page — not saying what it is though. xD

Overall, the development and everything is still good. :P

Now for how VIZ did at bringing this manga into English. The art touch-up is still noticeable, but it has gotten a little better. Everything else looks good still (translation, etc). Overall, they did a better job at the art touch-up, but not by much. ;)

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2012

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Yuu Watase

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Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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