Review: Alice 19th Volume 6 by Yuu Watase

Book Information:

Alice 19th Volume 6 by Yuu Watase
Illustrated by Yuu Watase
Adaptation by Lance Caselman
Translated by JN Productions
Touch-up Art & Lettering by Walden Wong
Designing by Judi Roubideaux
Main Editing by Frances E. Wall
VIZ Media and Shogakukan
Published in 2001 (Shogakukan), 2004 (VIZ)
ISBN 9781591162438
187 Pages

Series Information:

Alice 19th Book 06


5 out of 5


Ease of Reading Text: 5 out of 5
Illustrations: 5 out of 5
Plot: 5 out of 5
Art Touch-Up: 5 out of 5
Translation: 5 out of 5
Design: 5 out of 5

The last of the reinforcements have arrived. Now Mei Lin, Billy, Frey, Nyozeka, Kyo and Alice must go into enemy territory in order to save Mayura from Darva and the Maram Masters. However, in order to find her, Alice must first try understanding Mayura before the Lotis Masters get dragged into the darkness inside their hearts as well.

All of the developments are starting to go faster now that this series is almost over. Now you get to know more about some of the characters. Like why Chris kind of limps when he walks. And also, Frey’s past, how he feels towards Alice, and how he feels about Eric. Though, once you see Frey’s past, you will think that him and Kyo are more alike than you would ever think. Also, you get to see a little bit more about Alice’s and Mayura’s relationship. Another thing you get to learn is about the occupations of Mei Lin and Billy. Billy’s occupation was quite unexpected and it’s one that I hardly see in manga for one of the main minor characters. One thing I really liked learning about was about the Maram Masters and why they turned from the light. Most of the scenes in this volume are pretty sad, and I almost cried at some of them. :(

Now on to how the artwork and designs looked in this volume, all of them are looking pretty good still, especially the expressions. One of the parts I loved was when the snakes were falling down on them and the expression on Billy’s face. *laughs* Also, there is another Kyo and Frey kiss drawn, but this time it was on the cheek and Frey did it freely. One more thing about the artwork, there are some naked scenes, but only the upper part (breasts with nipples) of Mayura (again). ^^; So beware of that throughout the volume. :S

Overall, I think the plot is turning out well, and I love all the information about the characters — even the Maram Masters. However, I think that the ending is pretty sad, so beware of tears towards the end of the volume.

For VIZ’s part of bringing this manga into English, their art-touchup has gotten a lot better. I notice fewer errors in touching up the art from erasing the kanji. ;) Also, the translation and everything else they do are still pretty good. :D Overall, they did a much better job from when they first started this series. :)

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2012

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Yuu Watase

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Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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