2nd Review: Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Book Information:

Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published in 2007
ISBN 9780312360283
310 Pages

Series Information:

House of Night Book 02


3 out of 5


Zoey has a lot on her hands — being special to Nyx, having two or three boyfriends, being the new leader of the Dark Daughters, and dealing with a couple of murders and the evidence is pointing towards the House of Night. However, before she has a chance to solve that mystery, someone close to her dies. And if that’s not enough, Zoey will also have to deal with a betrayal that will hurt everyone close to her.

Like I said in the last review, after I finish reading/re-reading all the books that have been released, I’m most likely dropping this series. I just can’t take how the main character behaves and her personality.

Anyways, the plot begins to thicken with Zoey falling in love with at least three guys, humans from her old life dying, death of someone close to her, seeing “ghosts” of the dead fledglings, her powers growing, and a betrayal. So a lot more supernatural drama, however, the “high school” overruns the increase of supernatural. I know it takes place in a high school, but the teenage whining annoys me — a lot. Especially since the main character acts more like a baby than the other characters. However, I feel that the authors crammed all of this action into just a 400-page book. :(

After you skip over the high school drama and annoying main character, it is a pretty good read. The side characters in this book are so much more memorable and less annoying. However, the author describes the characters in the same way over and over again, like how the Twins aren’t really twins. *rolls eyes* Also, we get to see two more characters, Jack and Detective Marx, and they leave more of an impression than Zoey as well. And yes, this book is still using beauty and handsome as descriptions and very obsessed with that notion. In this book, I love how Heath acts — so sweet! I’m starting to like Aphrodite even more now, and I feel a little sorry for her. Oh, and there are now two gay characters, for those of you who don’t even want to see homosexual characters. Also, they still have a lot of talking about sex and other sexual themes.

Anyways, for the main character, Zoey, I think she’s even worse than Aphrodite, despite her saying that she is not like Aphrodite, mostly because she is messing/playing around with three guys — Heath, Loren, and Erik. :S Urgh! Zoey also doesn’t trust her instincts like she said she does, and I find her more judgmental and hypocritical than the other characters. Like how Zoey says she will trust others, but not Aphrodite — only her ability to see the future. I found her most bossy than even Aphrodite. Also, her friends are too starry eyed, even though she lies to them most of the time and snaps at them. Basically, I don’t like how her personality is turning out to be — judgmental, whiny, and hypocritical. :|

Overall, it was a pretty good read, but one of the parts is sad — almost made me cry. Anyways, this is rated a very low three star because I just can’t stand the main character. Also, it was only because the events are interesting and an original take on vampires that it made it to the very low three star.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2012
Banned/Challenged No Limit

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