2nd Review: Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Book Information:

Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780312596309
338 Pages

Series Information:

House of Night Book 04


4 out of 5


Zoey’s friends are pissed at her at the wrong time, especially since Aphrodite has a vision of her dying alone. And if she dies, a war will break out between humans and vampyres. Will anyone listen to her when all hell is about to break loose?

Things are starting to heat up even more for Zoey in this book and it all blows up in her face. Okay, even though there is a little bit more supernatural than high school drama, there is still too much whining from Zoey for me to really get into this series. It is starting to make me go, “When will this freaking series end?! The main character is starting to piss me off!” :| The plot this time is a little bit more interesting since it goes over Kalona and a Cherokee legend, but I don’t know if it is a real legend. So I like how the authors are merging mythology (Nyx) with Cherokee legend. :) Also, they still have some sexual themes in the book.

However, there still is the little issue of Zoey’s personality and high school drama. I know books need action, but couldn’t the authors think of way to get that action than the, “Wah~ My friends hate me because I lied to them, but I need them to stay alive and save the world from a war”. Okay, I get the saving the world parts, I do, but I hate how Zoey has to whine in order to get her friends back from something she did. Also, she still is very bossy and hypocritical towards everything, especially towards her “friends”. Zoey’s attitude of calling one of her friends “holier than thou” when she is one who says, “I’m going to be their high priestess, so they have to listen to me”. -__- Another thing I find annoying is how she tries to lie again for the reason of “for their own good”. URGH! :| Oh, and the falling in love and calling a new guy her “soul mate” is also kind of annoying. When will Zoey just have one or no boyfriends? :(

Anyways, for the other characters, I love how Aphrodite’s personality is turning out — a little nicer, but they use her “mean” attitude as a comic relief. :D Another thing I like is Darius and how he loves Aphrodite the way she is. Oh, and I like Aphrodite’s cat and how she went up against Stark’s dog. xD Also, the name is creative and fits the attitude of the cat perfectly. ;) A couple of last things for the characters: One, there is a new character — Stark. Two, stop with the beauty obsessed descriptions for the characters. Three stop making Zoey so annoying!

Overall, the plot is much better than what it was in the other books, but Zoey is more annoying in this book than in the others. I wish that the book were more centered on Zoey’s friends than Zoey and her growing powers. Also, I would like this book more if Zoey’s personality was better and more likeable, and if there was a lot less drama. So, I love the plot, but hate the main character — that’s why I’m giving it a low to middle four stars.

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2012
Banned/Challenged No Limit

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House of Night Series
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Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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