Review: Destined by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Book Information:

Destined by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin’s Griffin
Published in 2011
ISBN 9780312650254
325 Pages

Series Information:

House of Night Book 09


2 out of 5

In order to face off against Neferet, Zoey has finally come home to Tulsa with Stark. Not only that, Rephaim has been “disowned” by Kalona and gifted by Nyx, however, Neferet won’t let that piece of piece last. Neferet starts her evil plan with Aurox, a boy who she claims is a gift from Nyx. Zoey better watch out when she begins to feel drawn to him because there is more to this “gift” than what meets the eye.

For Destined, we still have different points of view, however, Zoey is back to doing most of the narrating. :| Though we do get Aurox, Dragon, Neferet, Shaunee, Rephaim, Kalona, Erik, and Stevie Rae as narrators too. :) It was pretty interesting to read some of the new additions to the point of views. :D You also get some more information on Neferet and Lenobia and their past, which was kind of interesting to read. :P

Despite the little piece of information I enjoyed reading, there was still a lot that I didn’t really like or haven’t liked since the beginning of the series. Of course the first thing that really irritates the hell of me is Zoey and her personality, especially since she hasn’t really changed since the beginning of the series. I find her childish, selfish, and too dependable on her friends and boyfriends. :| Also, I hate how the authors keep pairing her with so many boys. Now Zoey also seems to like to be more sexual as well since I’m seeing more (not detailed) sex or making out scenes. I don’t mind the sexual parts, but she puts Aphrodite to shame with how slutty she acts. Plus, the “bond” Zoey and Stark they say they have is more than sex, but that seems to be the only thing they do together. >.>” Next, I hate how the authors allows the characters to wash away with their feelings they are supposed to feel simply by using powers. I found that very unrealistic and irritating at the “quick fix” to stop their true feelings.

Now for the other issues I have with this book since I could probably go on and on about Zoey. I find it contradictory at how everyone treats Rephaim with distrust, when with Zoey, she tells them to trust her about Stark and most likely Aurox, they do; even though they didn’t prove to be good like how Rephaim did when Nyx asked and gifted him. It was very irritating at how Zoey gets all the special treatment and trust, but no one really gets the trust they deserve. Next thing I always hate in this series is the bringing back characters (like Heath), even though they are dead, it seems to be the theme of these last couple of books. =___=  It’s like, come on, stop pulling away characters just to bring them back in the next book. Urgh! Anyways, other things I found annoying are the constant need to make everyone too perfect, which makes the books a little bit too predictable. Also, it mentions too many other books/shows almost like a hidden ad and the vocabulary words they have trouble with in this book are words everyone should know by at least high school. Oh, one last issue I had with this book, how come Aphrodite hasn’t gone blind from all of the visions when they cause blood to come from her eyes? >.>” Normally, when you bleed from the eyes, it could cause you to be blind or you have something serious going on. xD Oh, well…

There are a couple of things I did like though, not a lot however. One of the things I liked was the interaction between Lenobia and Travis — it was interesting to read. It was pretty much the only thing that kept me from throwing the book across the room. Anyways, the next thing I liked was how Erin and Shaunee become more like individuals than the constant “Twin” thing. Though, I didn’t really like how Erin had a knee jerk reaction (being a brat basically) towards Shaunee wanting to grow as an individual and be by herself. Oh, and the ending was also pretty good — I enjoyed that part as well.

Overall, the characters’ personalities are overpowering the plot, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if they weren’t so annoying and perfect. Also, the storyline is starting to get a little bit too predicable and too “teen” for me to even enjoy. Plus, I find most of the characters’ behavior unbelievable since I never have seen any teen acting or speaking like them. After I finish the books that I have been released so far, I’m dropping this series.

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