S.O.S: Seeking on Sunday #5


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I forgot to post this yesterday. I had it ready, but I was super busy today, so I couldn’t publish it. ;) Better a little late than never, right? :P


I’m going to repost what I’m looking for because no one has found it yet. xD

Let’s see I don’t really have any suggestions of books to read. So let me ask for books that are your top favorites. ;)

I am seeking a book I can remember the details of, but not the title.

Okay this is a book I read a long time ago. I remember most of the details, even though I read it a long time ago. Now I’ve been longing to read it again. >.<

1. It was an anthology. Different authors, but it had the same storyline in each story.
2. It was about some race, but humans mistake them as angels. I think what they are called starts with an E, not sure about that part though.
3. Can tell when their mate, girlfriend, whatever you want to call them, is pregnant.
4. I think there are 3 or 4 stories in this.
5. The cover was simple, I think.
6. The males of this race/species can easily get a woman pregnant – even if they are close to the age where they can’t.
7. They (the males) come from a different dimension or higher Earth, something like that.
8. In one of the stories, one of the males was trapped in a temple, but a woman notices that he is one of the races that makes it easier for women to get pregnant and has fun with him – while he is tied to the ground. He gets freed, and stays with him at her apartment. Then someone from another lord comes to take his head, kidnaps the woman, man has to save. He leaves the woman when he kills the other guy, and then comes back into her life. And some point in the point a conversation like this… “Quiet, <girl’s name>. I need to make sure our child is all right.” This is after she has been drugged.
9. Fighting between lords/kings/something like that.
10. I think in another story that a different girl builds a time/dimension machine and brings another guy to Earth. I think that’s another one of the stories
11. Most of the guys act superior over humans.


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RhiReading’s Post

“…books that make me laugh.”

I don’t usually read that many books that have humor so can’t help you there. xD

And Grave Tells joins this meme with featuring a vampire series. I have the first book in that series since it is free on Kindle for now, but the covers look really yummy. :P