Review: Traveller by Richard Adams


Book Information:

Traveller by Richard Adams
Alfred A. Knopf
Published in 1988
ISBN 0394570553
270 Pages

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Not a series.


5 out of 5

The Civil War, not only a time of despair and strong emotions for men and women fighting/helping the war, but for the animals as well. As told through the eyes of Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller, to a cat named Tom.

I love history novels or novels that are shaped around history — like this novel and the Dear America books. :) If history fiction novels aren’t your cup of tea, then I suggest not reading it. :| Though, I hope you will since I love how it is told through the point of view of Traveller, General Robert E. Lee’s horse. :D

The thing I liked the most about the book is how creative the author was by telling the story and a piece a history through the eyes of an animal — and managed to make Traveller seem human. Also, I liked how Traveller sounds like a grandpa telling a war story, forgetting some things, not getting parts accurate, changes the subject towards the end or the middle; and Tom seems kind of like the grandchild who asks questions, changes the subjects, falls asleep towards the end of it, and things like that. Another thing I like was the amount of details and the characters’ personalities. :D

Some things that I didn’t like were how the novel got really boring during some parts of Traveller’s telling. :( It really felt like a grandpa boring me to sleep. I would have finished this book sooner if the book went into less detail about pretty much all the battles. >.>” Other than this one thing, I think this book is pretty good. :P

Though, warning, it is in a Southern dialect, so it might be a little hard to read. ;)

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Checked out from the library.

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Not planning to re-read, but leaning towards maybe.

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