Review: Blind Date with a Vampire by Evangeline Anderson


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Blind Date with a Vampire by Evangeline Anderson
Published in 2011
ASIN: B005LT34G2
305 Pages

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Not a series.


3 out of 5


Samantha has been away from the dating world for far too long, or at least according to her friend Pinky. Through a dating site, she meets Nathanial, a guy who will be more different than she could ever imagine. And Nathanial finds out there is more to Samantha than what meets the eye. What will happen between the two of them when Nathanial’s “friends” find out Samantha has a special ability?

It has been awhile since I have read this, but I guess it is a good thing I scribble down some notes about the books I have been reading lately, huh? :) Anyways, what can I say about this book that sounds kind of like a review? :P

This book is pretty much like any other vampire book I have read, but a little bit better. Even though the book is relatively normal for this kind of genre, I can still say I enjoyed it. Errr, well, since it’s smut, I can say I would enjoy it either way. :D I’ve read some of this author’s free reads in the past, and I can say this one is MUCH tamer compared to her other smut, so beware if you want to read her other works. :P Oh, and also, it is told by Samantha’s POV and Nathanial’s POV. :)

Anyways, things I liked about this book is that the author kind of puts in there about safe Internet dating like how Samantha brings her friend Pinky to the place of the date, so she can watch over Samantha (from a distance). I know most people wouldn’t think how the author put that into the book is a good thing, but I like to think there are hidden messages and advice in the books I read. :D

Second, the author actually describes her characters, including their hair color (most books just let the book covers do it). Also, I like how the main female character has a hair color that most main characters don’t have (red). Most books I read I either imagine the characters with blonde or brown hair, unless the author says otherwise. >.>”

Next, the author makes the shapeshifters kind of unique. They have three forms instead of just two (human and then their animal forms). Also, there were one or two animals I never read in shapeshifter novels, which was an otter and a kitten. *___*

The author also mentions several little things that I like or was amused about. Let’s see, she added in homosexual couples and male x male kisses (without the character being a “couple”). Though, I wouldn’t worry too much about it since there is only like one or two male x male kissing scene, and not very detailed at that. Also, she has a Nathanial who likes voluptuous women, uses old slang like swank and mod, Marcos somehow amuses me ♥, and how Nathanial talks like a grandpa telling you about the “old ways”. And lastly, how the author “mentions” how society is now more focused with sex now than in earlier days.

Okay, I am just going to list some things I didn’t like. The main female character doesn’t like her weight, which is so typical in many romance books. Everyone blames Thad, and I actually feel bad for him since he can’t get back together with the woman he loves.  Also, the smut started so late in the book. >.>” Oh, and the ending is kind of disappointing since the story kind of feels incomplete. And that’s about it for things I didn’t like. :)

Overall, it was an average book, but I mostly liked it. Though, before I end this review here are the warnings, there is a rape scene of a little girl and homosexual themes mentioned. However, both of these are not very detailed, so there shouldn’t really be a problem. Also, it feels like there will be a sequel, but I am not sure, since there are some things you really don’t know about like what happens between Thad and Isella.

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Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

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Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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