Review: The Garden of Eden by Eve Adams


Book Information:

The Garden of Eden by Eve Adams
Pseudonym for Stephen Coonts
St. Martin’s Press
Published in 2005
ISBN 0312323638
338 Pages

Series Information:

Not a series.


2 out of 5

When Sam Neely graduates from State Police academy, he is assigned to the small village of Eden with the population of 47. He has been thinking that it is just a dull little town with nothing going on, but things suddenly get interesting when Ed Harris finds his wife in bed with his best friend, Hayden Elkins. Afterwards, Ed gives Hayden his wife and tells him that he now has two wives, but it then more things spin out of control. Can the community come together and bring peace back to their little town?

What can I say about this book? Hmmm… it was… ummm… odd – in the good way, I guess. Though, I really don’t know what genre to put on this book. It’s mostly about life in the village of Eden, which has a population of 47, and how the community can come together through mostly gossip and trouble. So, I guess, it’s mostly a slice of life genre. >.>”

The writing was almost like a diary telling the life of people in the village of Eden – missing on some details, skipping some parts that would make it more interesting, and a lot of gossip things. ^^; It is told through the point of view of several characters – Sam Neely, Ed Harris, Anne Harris, Hayden Elkins, Junior Grimes, Diamond Ice, and many more. :| For me, the book would have been better if it was told through the point of view of only a couple of them instead of so many of the residents. Though, through telling the story through several characters, they were almost like real life people and very believable, and at times, sort of funny. So it has a good point and a bad point – you got to know the personalities and descriptions through different eyes, but there were so many that it skipped some things that could have made the book better. :(

Also, I like the descriptions and details that the author used, and it seemed like there was enough, but it could have been more enjoyable. It felt like the author skipped some major scenes that would have made the ending have more sense. It feels like he was trying to write it as a way to understand women since they were pretty much the focus of the books – but didn’t succeed. :| Even though some people won’t believe that a spouse wouldn’t take their other half back after they cheat, I believe it because it happened with my parents. :D Though, I don’t think they pretend it never happened – like the characters do in the book. Though, since I’m their kid (no matter how old I am), they won’t discuss things like that with me ;)

So I like how he put the forgiveness in there, despite on how unbelievable it is. The author makes the characters seem human and not hold a grudge, but we all know that isn’t likely in real life. Everyone holds a grudge against something – whether it’s another human, country, animal, etc – sad, but mostly true. So, the no holding grudges and forgiving everything are not like real life, but kind of like utopia. Amazing thought, but with humans being unpredictable, it won’t happen anytime soon. :)

Things I didn’t like were the fast paced events, which didn’t really satisfy me, the off topic things, and kept on adding new problems instead of focusing on just one and build on that (and then add more problems), the amount of God in there – it’s mentioned, then it goes poof, then it appears again (like the author couldn’t decide whether or not if he should add God as one of the solutions to the problems), and how the author made the women’s personalities – gossips, cheaters, nagging, etc.

I will only rate it a two star because it was an enjoyable read, but no higher because of the problems above, which irritate me the most. :| It is pretty much a good summer read since it won’t take that much time to finish it.

Oh, just a warning, there are some sex (smut) scenes, but they aren’t describe in that much details. ;)

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Not planning to re-read.

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