Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


Book Information:

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Simon & Schuster BFYR
Published in 2009
ISBN 9781416989417
391 Pages

Series Information:

Hush, Hush Book 01


4 out of 5

Nora Grey has always been a normal girl: trying to get into a good college, a worried and overprotective mother, and a best friend who thinks she needs a little spice and a man in her life. Nora has never thought about boys or even romance, to the disappointment of her best friend, Vee, at least, not until Patch comes along. Then after meeting him, strange and terrifying things start to happen to her: Patch turning up almost everywhere she is, a strange figure following her and attacking her, and Patch’s mysterious ways that make her unable to decide to love him or run away. As she discovers the truth behind her attacker, Patch, and herself, she finds herself her in the battle between fallen angels and immortal beings called the Nephilium. Will she choose the right path that will keep her alive and next to Patch?

Ahhh… another fallen angel book. Is it me or are novels with fallen angels getting popular? >.>” Well, at least with this novel, it was a lot better than Fallen, which completely reminded me of Twilight. Good news, this one only sort of reminds me of Twilight. Though the way Patch acts like sort of reminds me of Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, where Lucius acts with mysteriousness and what seems like verbal abuse.

Unlike Fallen and Twilight, the lead female character acts with both strength and weakness, which makes her out as a believable teenage girl. Also, the lead guy character, even though he’s still mysterious, he acts almost like Lucius, a bad boy character, but without showing that much violence towards the one he loves. Another thing that made this book better than Twilight was the humor attempts were actually kind of funny, and it reminded me of how I was as a teenager. Unlike with Twilight and Fallen, you were actually able to tell the characters were all teenagers without having to remind yourself — which was the main things that made it better than Twilight, despite the similarities they still kind of share.

Even though it was better than Twilight and Fallen, you still couldn’t miss how some things were kind of similar. Like, how Nora discovers she’s not completely human and has a side to her she doesn’t understand. Also, how there are some plot holes and didn’t explain the past of Chauncey’s/Jules’s that much, or explain more about the Book of Enoch. However, unlike the Twilight saga, which is completed, I’m willing to wait until the series are completed before I judge on plot holes.

I thought the descriptions were kind of okay and had enough to make the first book interesting, but I’m going to expect much more in the second book. Go ahead and read it.

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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