Review: The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein


Book Information:

The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein
Random House
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780375846977
325 Pages

Series Information:

Haunted Mystery Book 01


4 out of 5

Zack Jennings is a normal eleven-year-old boy, except for the fact that he can see ghosts. Him, his father, and his new stepmother move from New York to Connecticut, but when they arrive there things are not what they appear to be. You see, there is the huge tree in their backyard, and Zack knows there is something evil about it. His new stepmother, Judy, has also seen ghosts near the house. Are the ghosts all connected in some way? And why does the evil spirit in the tree want to kill him?

Another supernatural book, but it is one about ghosts. Also, it’s a junior fiction book. Yeah, I know, way off my level, but I like to read around. :)

Like almost all mystery books, it starts off kind of slow and boring, which is always annoying in books. Though, it starts to pick up the action, suspense, and mysteriousness after they move to Connecticut, where the haunted tree is located. And the mystery part is kind of annoying since the author doesn’t leave that many clues for you to figure out what happened, instead the author lets the characters figure it out on their own. So if you want a mystery, where you can solve it from the clues, this isn’t a book you want.

Another thing that is slow moving are the characters, though they do eventually have some growth, errr… most of them anyways. I especially like how the relationship between Zack and Judy, his stepmother, grows since I mostly only see books mention how mean stepmothers are or how they mostly ignore the kid. So, that was kind of enjoyable to read a book without the “mean stepmother” routine.

Another thing that I like about this book is that it tells the story using mostly descriptions and details, instead of mostly dialogue. I tend to be harsher on books that have more dialogue than ones that tell the story in paragraphs summarizing what most others use dialogue for.  I like books like this one a lot. :)

Anyways, it is a good ghost novel, despite the slow-moving parts, so go read it. :D Another thing, this book has a series. This book is the first one in that series. The second one is called The Hanging Hill, and the third one, which isn’t released yet, is called The Smoky Corridor. I’ll try to read them, if my library orders them. >.<

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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