Review: Sweetblood by Pete Hautman


Book Information:

Sweetblood by Pete Hautman
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Published in 2003
ISBN 0689850484
180 Pages

Series Information:

Not a series.


4 out of 5

Lucy Szabo, a teenage diabetic, has a very original theory about vampires. To her, they exist, but not in the usual way, she thinks original vampires were actually slowly dying diabetics before the discovery of insulin. Online, she is known as Sweetblood, and she visits a Transylvania chat room, where “vampires” discuss anything goth or vampire. However, there is one person different from everyone else, who claims he is an actual vampire, and she’s not totally sure if he’s kidding. As she becomes more involved with vampires, Goths, and that online guy, her life begins to turn for the worse – failing classes, bad relationship with her parents, and even the ability to regulate her blood sugar worsens. What will happen when the online guy finds her and invites her to his strange world? Is he just a stalker? Or, is he really a vampire? Will she be able to make the choices she needs to in order to become the person she knows she is?

This isn’t really a vampire book since it only really talks about theories of how the vampire legends came about.

I like how the author came up with a theory that vampires were untreated diabetics. It was a very creative concept and different from anything I have heard or read before. Not only that, but it gives an awareness of how much medical technology has developed. Also, it points out how several people who would have died is still alive due to technology, so they are considered “undead”. And also, it gives a sense of personal encouragement that even if you think you can’t change yourself; you can if you just think about it.

Anyways, it’s a pretty good book that points out new thinking and things like that. :)

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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