Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate


Book Information:

Fallen by Lauren Kate
Delacorte Press
Published in 2009
ISBN 9780385738934
452 Pages

Series Information:

Fallen Book 01


2 out of 5

After an accidental death of a friend, Luce Price is forced to go to Sword & Cross, a boarding school where problem students go. There she meets the mysterious Daniel Grigori, and she is immediately drawn to him. In a world of no outside communication, Daniel is the only good thing about her being forced to go to Sword & Cross. However, she’s confused as to why Daniel goes out of his way to avoid her. Though, that won’t stop her from pursuing or thinking about him. Luce is dying to find out why, but will she even live long to regret it?

Okay, a fallen angel book. I mostly read adult fiction books that have fallen angels in it, so this will be the second “angel” book that I have read that’s young adult. Compared to Eternal, this book and series is definitely lacking in details and exciting events at the moment.

This book starts out with a prologue, which isn’t really needed, so it was kind of boring at first. Why? Because later on in the book it talks about Luce’s past lives, so the beginning is just something that will confuse you more. Also, it takes out some of the suspense as to why he doesn’t want to kiss her later on. So, it starts out with something that’s not needed, but with the book, it doesn’t have enough details — and it gave me a headache with all of the useless and lack of details.

Also, it reminded me so much of Twilight, and no that is not a compliment, that it wasn’t funny. The way that Luce just obsesses over Daniel and doesn’t really care or notice anything else was creepily like Twilight, so I sort of lost my patience with this book.  One thing I really hope with this book is that it doesn’t end up like Twilight, where it doesn’t tell you why the girl is different from others.

Translation: I really didn’t like this book. The only reason why I would read the sequel to this book is to see if more details are more thoroughly explained than it was in this book.

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Checked out from the library.

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Re-read later on.

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