Review: You Suck! by Christopher Moore


Book Information:

You Suck! by Christopher Moore
William Morrow
Published in 2007
ISBN 978006059029
328 Pages

Series Information:

A Love Story Book 02


1 out of 5

Thomas C. Flood is turned into a vampire by his vampire girlfriend, Jody, and now they have to work through new issues. Will they be able to deal with Thomas’ transformation, vampire killers, a call girl named Blue, Jody’s sire, and a teenage Goth minion?

Been over two months since I have read this, but oh well, I’ll try to make the review more than a couple of sentences. I didn’t know this book was a sequel to another book, but I really don’t want to read the first one seeing that this one was so… urgh. >.<

Well, the title kind of gives you a preview of how the book will be, because in my opinion, the book is badly written. The chapters are very fast paced and leave a lot of details out of it, and some parts I wouldn’t even consider “chapters”.

This book is definitely not worth reading. I like vampire books, but I like there to be actually be a plot and a lot more details in my books. This one has to be the worst vampire book I’ve ever read. >.>

Where I Got It:

Checked out from the library.

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Not planning to re-read, but leaning towards maybe.

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