Review: The Trojan Horse by Emily Little, Illustrated by Michael Eagle


Book Information:
The Trojan Horse by Emily Little
Illustrated by Michael Eagle
Random House
Published in 1988
ISBN 0394896742
48 Pages

Series Information:

Step into Reading (Level 5)
Not a real series, and you can read them in any order.


2 out of 5

A simple retelling of the Trojan War and how the Greeks won this war. The city of Troy lives in wonder, with a stonewall protecting it, while the Greeks live on rocky land and can’t grow wheat. In order to get wheat, they have to trade with Asia, but they can’t get past the channel because Troy won’t let them pass without paying the toll (gold). After the Trojans kidnap Helen, Menelaus’ wife, the Greeks declare war on Troy. The war goes on for years, until the Greeks finally have a plan to defeat Troy, which involves a wooden horse.

The facts in the books are all really simple and not really interesting, so it is not as engaging as I would like it to be. They pretty much had all the information that you most likely remember from school, so it won’t really expand your child’s knowledge on the subject. From what I remember when I was little, this book mentions almost the same information as what is in the history book, just less pictures. Also, even though the illustrations seem to be pretty, there seems to be less than the previous Step Into Reading book I have read. The artwork also looks a little bit blander than the Trail of Tears‘ illustrations.

I think it would be more interesting if I read it myself, but the purpose of the children’s book is to have your children read it to you. However, you help them when they having trouble with a word or page or have questions. Basically, you need to definitely participate reading with them with this one because of the names, but I found it boring. It had too many details of the history for little kids, at least to me. >.>” Also, go over the pronunciation guide with your child, which is at the book of the book, FIRST before having them read it since most of the words will be hard for them.

Where I Got It:

Bought from Amazon, and I still own a copy.

Challenges Apart Of:

Goodreads 2011


Not planning to re-read.

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