Blog/Skin Related

  1. Why does the way the posts, pages, etc look different from your book review blog that’s hosted on WordPress?
    Because of the different themes. I like having everything to match with the theme I’m using, so, yes, you will see either a lot of differences or a little. I will try to keep it almost the same.
  2. Why keep your book review blog that’s hosted on WordPress?
    Just in case this one’s bandwidth goes bye-bye or I lose the data on here. ^^; Backups are good.

Reviewing/Review Related

  1. Why do you review? When did you start reviewing?
    I started reviewing books on March 11, 2009 because I was bored and also to keep a detailed record of the books I have read.
  2. When will you post your reviews?
    Errr… After I’m done writing them, so hopefully, it will not take that long to post them. :X
  3. When will you review the things I suggested, sent you, on your coming soon/planning to read pages?
    Suggestions and things you sent to me will be read and reviewed at my discretion. Translation: I’ll read them if I want to. As for the coming soon and planning to read pages, I will read and post reviews on them as soon as I finish revamping everything. ;—;
  4. I want you to add my review link to your review. How can I do this?
    Leave a comment on the review itself stating your opinion of it and post your link to your review. I’ll add it to the review as soon as I can.
  5. What is your review policy?
    Please look here for the answer.
  6. I found a spelling error in one of your reviews.
    Make a comment about it on the review itself. Please and Thank You.
  7. Why did you/didn’t you like ___? I don’t agree with your review at all!
    That’s fine. We can agree to disagree about which books we like and don’t like. You are welcome to rate the book and comment on the post about what you think about the book. That’s what the comments and rating widget thing are there for. However, if you just flame my review, I’ll just delete the comment. Put what you liked in the book, instead of just going, “Why don’t you like the book?! It was a great one!.” Okay, great, you liked it, and I didn’t. So, what did you like about it?
  8. Why do you even write book reviews?
    There must not be a lot of people who look through them.I know I would like for people to comment, view, and rate more, but I don’t really write reviews to get more views or be popular on the web. I write them because I love reading books (most of the time) and this helps me to remember the books I love. :) Plus, it gives me to do something on the Internet, besides chatting on IRC. :X
  9. Why do two book reviews for the same book?
    Because I might come up with a better book review than the first one. Also, I don’t believe in judging things based on my first impression only. If I still like the book the second time I read it, then it means the book is really good. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t had second thoughts over a book they have read the first time, so I decided to show that on my reviews. All book reviews are labeled which time it is — just look on the categories. :D
  10. What are all the places you post your reviews?
    Goodreads, WordPress, Amazon (Share with Dad), and Bandwidth site.
  11. Where can I view your statistics?
    Go to the about page here.

Question/Suggestion/Help/Comment Related

  1. I need help. Will you help me?
    Errr… Depends on what you are asking help with. ^^; For any BOOK/REVIEW/MY BLOG issues that you need help with, post a comment on this page. :)
  2. Where can I make blog/book/movie/any kind of suggestion?
    Make a comment on this page. :)
  3. Where do I post about sending you a copy/ARC (Advanced Readers’ Copy)?
    Make a comment on this page. It will display your e-mail address, and I’ll e-mail you about it.

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