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I have been ranting about it on RhiReading, a book review site, and even the author Meljean Brook, who guest posted there, talked about this.

Why can’t you find any good single books or series that aren’t too long, too long and ongoing, or short and ongoing. In the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal (Romance), SciFi, Fantasy, and similar genre line, there are pretty much nothing but series – most of them ongoing. You never hear anything about completed series or single books in those genre, that or I don’t pay much attention to them.

For me, anything over 20 books in a series is too much. I know some authors and fans don’t want to let go of characters or worlds, but sometimes dragging it out will make people not want to read them – or even buy them. Once it goes over 10, I start going, “When are you going to end it?!! My budget and wishlist can’t take it any longer – nor my book shelf!”

Sometimes the way I discover new books is to go to sites like Goodreads, Library Thing, Amazon, review sites like RhiReading, or even my library’s catalog site, and go be vain. What do I mean by vain? I look at the title, then the cover, and then the summary. But, mostly, I judge by the summary. What catches my attention is the title and the cover. :P How do you find new books? Same as me, different from me?

But then when I read it, whether from the library or a book I bought, I find out magically it is apart of a series, and I want to read all of it. That has happened to me two or more times at the library. I checked out a book, read it, and found out that it was the second, third, fourth, etc, book in a series, then reported to the librarian that it is a series and is missing a couple of books. I had to did that a couple of times already, but once they told me that the books were out of print – that made me very unhappy. >.> This drives me crazy! Has this happened to someone else?

Oh, it also happens with me when I buy anthologies… I read all the stories in there, and I find out it is apart of a series. >.> Can’t publishers put all the short stories for a series into an omnibus, instead of mixing with another author’s short stories to series. Yes, I’m one of those, if I like a story in an anthology and find out it is apart of a series, I need the rest of the books in that series.  And almost always those short stories are apart of a long series, long and uncompleted, or uncompleted and the author doesn’t know when it will end. >.>”

Anyways, I decided to list the series I know are completed, and single books. Some of these I have read, others I have saw on Amazon/Goodreads/Library Thing/review sites, others I saw at my library and checked out, and some of I’m finding through searches of completed series. ;) I decided to research with RhiReading to find good series, but I don’t know how good some of these are. :X

Completed YA (Young Adult) Series

Completed Adult Series

Plans on Being Completed YA (Young Adult) *

Plans on Being Completed Adult *

* What this means is that it gives a definite answer in their FAQ about how many books there will be. No wishy-washy answers like “I’m not sure”, “Never say never”, and other things that are like that.

I’ll edit this post when I think of more or when I’m more awake… Whichever one first… This page will be updated constantly, whenever I find a completed series. It might be soon since I love browsing for books – and making my “BUY THIS” list or “ASK THE LIBRARY” list. :D

If you know a good Urban Fantasy, Paranormal (Romance), SciFi, Fantasy – somewhere along those lines – COMPLETED series or single book. Well, I may not really care about the genre. *LOOKS AT THE STEAMY/SMUT COMPLETED SERIES BOOKS* *COUGHS* Anyways, Comment so that I can post it here. ;) Or if you are an author with a completed or about to be completed series  or single book that are like the books on this page – comment here. ;) Why should all the ongoing series that feel like they are never going to end get all the attention?


2 thoughts on “Completed Books/Series

  1. I thought of another few in this vein that are worth noting since our previous discussion.

    Author Ronda Thompson tragically passed away a couple of years ago right around the time her book Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel came out so it ended up as a stand-alone. I actually really liked it and was sad she died before writing more. She also wrote a historical/paranormal trilogy called the Wild Wulfs of London: The Dark One, The Untamed One and The Cursed One were the three. I haven’t read those yet ’cause I got the 1st and 3rd used and haven’t bought the 2nd yet.

    I also thought of a resource for finding out what series are ending. RT Book Reviews magazine has a series round-up every month where they list the newest and a couple of previous titles but also if it is the last in a series. I’ll try and look through my old issues when I have some time and let you know if I find some others. ;)

    — Rhi

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