Completed Adult Series

Shifters – Rachel Vincent

Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey, Shift, Alpha

I have never read this, but I have heard that it is good. My library doesn’t have it, so I may have to think about whether or not to buy it. According to the author’s FAQ, there is one short story in the works, it will be in the anthology Chicks Kick Ass. Though, she may be planning on making a couple more short stories.

Reviews are at RhiReading: Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey, Shift

Light/Darkworld – Jennifer Armintrout

Queene of Light, Child of Darkness, Veil of Shadows

I have never read this, but I saw this author by Amazon, by browsing through things to read. According to the author’s website, it is a trilogy, but there is a possibility there might be a connected series. I hate those too. I always seem to want to get them. >.<

Reviews are at RhiReading: Queene of Light

Blood Ties – Jennifer Armintrout

The Turning, Possession, Ashes to Ashes, All Souls Night

I have never read this, but I saw this author by Amazon, by browsing through things to read. According to the author’s website, it is completed. However, if you are looking for a book to hold in your hands, and not a e-book, don’t bother – unless you want to pay for an used one. Though, all the series is on e-book, good thing too because some of them are out of stock at Amazon. >.>

Mercenary – Lucy Monroe

Ready, Willing, and Able

I know, I know. Lucy Monroe is NOT an Urban Fantasy, Paranormal (Romance), SciFi, Fantasy, or along those lines author. She’s a romance author, but I like these types of books too. ;) I read it at my library. <3 Why do I like it? Sometimes I like some romance and some smut. *GRINS* Yes, I’m not ashamed of liking smut – who doesn’t like a couple of good sex scenes? Never mind, don’t answer that. >////< Anyways, this trilogy is completed, but there are some connected stories. You don’t need to read them to complete this series. ^^

Tairen Soul Series – CL Wilson

Lord of the Fading Lands, Lady of Light and Shadows, King of Sword and Sky, Queen of Song and Souls, Crown of Crystal Flame

I actually saw one of these books at the bottom of one my Amazon searches. I have never read them, so I don’t know how good they are. :X

Chase Brothers – Lauren Dane

Giving Chase, Taking Chase, Chased, Making Chase

Just now, I looked up “fae” in Amazon’s search box, and I found a cover with something yummy looking. ;) Then I went to the author’s page and website, and I found that these books are a completed series. *DROOLS AT THE COVERS* *WIPES* What?! I’m vain, so what! She has some single books and other series, but I’m not sure if they are completed or not. :X Oh, by the way, I haven’t read this yet either. :X *LAST MINUTE DROOLING* Oh, by the way, based on the summary, it’s not Urban Fantasy, Paranormal (Romance), SciFi, Fantasy, or along those lines.

Dante Valentine – Lilith Saintcrow

Working for the Devil, Dead Man Rising, The Devil’s Right Hand, Saint City Sinners, To Hell and Back

About a female necromancer defeating demons, according to the summaries on the author’s website. This series is completed, but it has some connected stories. The connected stories are about a couple in this series, Selene and Nikolai, first is the story in Hotter than Hell anthology (Brother’s Keeper), and then it is a free novel on the author’s website, Selene.

Wild Wulfs of London – Ronda Thompson

Midnight Pleasures, The Dark One, The Untamed One, Love at First Bite, The Cursed One, My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

Not really sure what it is about. Rhianna from RhiReading pointed this one out to me.

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