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Click on the first letter of the last name of the author. If there are two authors, it will be sorted by the last name that comes first alphabetically.


Aidinoff, Elsie V.The Garden


Berman, JudithBear Daughter
Boas, JacobWe Are Witnesses


Cook, RobinFatal Cure
Cook, RobinHarmful Intent
Cook, Robin – Jack Stapleton/Laurie Montgomery 2: Contagion
Cook, Robin – Jack Stapleton/Laurie Montgomery 4: Vector
Cook, RobinSeizure
Cook, RobinToxin
Cook, RobinVital Signs
Cooney, Caroline B. – Emergency Room
Cooney, Caroline B. – Losing Christina 3 [LAST]: The Fire
Cooney, Caroline B. – *The Vampire’s Promise 1: Fatal Bargin
Cooney, Caroline B. – *The Vampire’s Promise 2: Evil Returns
Cooney, Caroline B. – *The Vampire’s Promise 3 [LAST]: Evil Returns
Coville, Bruce – **The Unicorn Chronicles 1: Into the Land of the Unicorns
Coville, Bruce – **The Unicorn Chronicles 2: Song of the Wanderer
Crichton, MichaelThe Andromeda Strain
Crichton, MichaelA Case of Need
Crichton, MichaelTimeline
Crosthwait, William L.The Last Stitch


Donaldson, DonDo No Harm


Falconer, Colin – *** When We Were Gods
Fisher, Catherine – The Oracle Prophecies 1: The Oracle Betrayed


Golden, ArthurMemoirs of a Geisha
Gottlieb, LoriStick Figure
Guterson, DavidSnow Falling on Cedars


Hallman, Jr., TomSam: The Boy Behind the Mask
Hawes, LouiseThe Vanishing Point
Hoffman, AliceThe Foretelling
Hoffman, Mary – Stravaganza 1: City of Masks
Hoffman, Mary – Stravaganza 2: City of Stars
Hoffman, Mary – Stravaganza 3: City of Flowers


Lasky, KathrynMarie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria-France, 1769
Lasky, KathrynMary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country, France, 1553
Levine, Gail Carson – Lucinda 1: *** Ella Enchanted
Levine, Gail CarsonThe Two Princesses of Bamarre


Maxwell, RobinThe Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn
Mawson, Robert*** The Lazarus Child
McCaffrey, Anne – Harper Hall 1: Dragonsong
McCaffrey, Anne – Harper Hall 2: Dragonsinger
Meyer, Carolyn – Young Royals: Tudors 1: Doomed Queen Anne
Meyer, Carolyn – Young Royals: Tudors 2: ***Mary, Bloody Mary
Meyer, Carolyn – Young Royals: Tudors 3: Beware, Princess Elizabeth
Meyer, Carolyn – The Royal Diaries: Isabel: Jewel of Castilla, Spain, 1466
Meyer, Stephenie – Host 1: *** The Host
Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight 1: ***Twilight
Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight 2: ***New Moon
Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight 3: ***Eclipse
Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight 4 [LAST]: ***Breaking Dawn
Mobley, Dr. Jack and Morton, C.W.Rage Sleep
Morton-Shaw, Christine – *** The Riddles of Epsilon


Prejean, Sister HelenDead Man Walking


Rees, Celia – Witch Child 1: Witch Child
Rice, Anne – *** The Mummy or Ramses the Damned


Windle, Janice WoodsTrue Women


* – Read an ominous version of the book/series.

** – Bought the whole series.

*** – Bought the book.